Is Massage Therapy covered by my extended health/MSP?

Radiance Massage is a private pay for service clinic. This means that full payment for treatments are due at the time of your session. If you have extended coverage, through your employer, you may be able to submit our receipts to your extended plan (like Blue Cross/ Sunlife) and the insurer may cover all or part of the amount you have paid. Please check with your plan’s coverage. MSP coverage is $23.00 per visit and only available to those under the Premium Assistance Program. Full payment is due at the time of your treatment and your therapist will submit a card to MSP on your behalf. MSP will only reimburse the $23.00 per visit within 6 to 8 weeks.

Are the therapists at Radiance Massage all registered?

YES! After completing 3000 hours of clinical/academic training our Registered Massage Therapists write board examinations for the College of Massage Therapists of B. C. We are licensed under the Health Professions Act of B. C. and take continuing education courses to maintain our professional standing.

What happens during a massage therapy session?

Massage is usually done on bare skin with lotion or oil and is a direct manipulation of the soft tissues (skin, muscles, tendons). After taking your medical history, assessing your posture and condition your therapist will leave the room for you to disrobe. You then make yourself comfortable on the massage table under a sheet and blanket. Your therapist will return when you are ready and undrape only the area they are working on. The therapists at Radiance Massage respect you and your needs so please let your therapist know at any time if you are uncomfortable, need more or less pressure or have any questions. Your comfort and well being are our priority.

Please call us with any other questions you may have at 778-578-5677.