If you have extended medical coverage, you may be entitled to total or partial reimbursement through your plan. Radiance Massage Therapy is able to direct bill through Pacific Blue Cross, Alberta Blue Cross, Medavie, Sun Life, Great West, Manulife, Claim Secure, and more. Please bring your policy numbers with you on your first visit. Please note some policies will only direct bill toward members. ICBC claims are processed directly through ICBC direct billing portal. Please bring your claim number to your initial ICBC appointment and call us for booking your ICBC appointments. All fees include applicable taxes.

                   RMT Fee Schedule as of January 1st, 2022

            Appointment              Fee               GST                             Total Fee

            30 minute                  $71.43             $3.57                            $75.00

           45 minute                  $93.33             $4.67                            $98.00

           60 minute                  $114.29           $5.71                            $120.00

ICBC Only available with Richard Wong RMT. Please call or email

30 minute ICBC                  $82.00             $4.10                            $86.10

         45 minute ICBC                  $93.33             $4.67                            $98.00

         60 minute ICBC                  $110.00           $5.50                            $115.50


Naturopath Fee Schedule as of January 1st, 2022

            Appointment                                  Total Fee

      60 minute Initial Visit                   $150.00

60 minute Acupressure Massage     $125.00

  30 minute Glutathione Push               $80.00

45 minute Acupuncture & Cupping      $85.00

45 minute MIC Injection                           $100.00

60 minute MIC with Glutathione Injection   $120.00

                   60 minute Vit & Mineral IV 250ml         $180.00               

60 mintue ElaProMed MicroCurrent        $180.00

We accept Visa/Master Card/ Debit/ Cash