Radiance Massage Therapy is a private pay for service clinic. We directly collect our fees. All fees include applicable taxes.

If you have extended medical coverage, you may be entitled to total or partial reimbursement through your plan. If you have an ICBC claim you are responsible for payment of treatment at the time it is rendered. You will need to pursue any possible reimbursement by ICBC or extended insurance for treatments received. We also bill Blue Cross directly.

                  Fee Schedule as of June 1st, 2017

            Appointment              Fee               GST                             Total Fee

            30 minute                  $61.90             $3.10                            $65.00

           45 minute                  $85.70             $4.30                            $90.00

           60 minute                  $104.75           $5.25                            $110.00

           75 minute                  $133.35           $6.65                            $140.00

All fees include applicable taxes
Gift Certificates are Available
We accept Visa/Master Card/ Debit/ Cash